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We represent oil and gas clients upstream, midstream and downstream.

We represent mineral interest owners, working interest owners and operators in oil and gas leases and leasing, drafting and litigating oil and gas contracts, including pooling agreements, area of interest agreements, and operating agreements.

Murr Law, P.L.L.C. has extensive experience representing both major and independent oil and gas companies in all aspects of litigation, as well as marketing arrangements, lease development, operating agreements, gas processing, pooling and unitization arrangements, gas measurement methods, lease assignments, field acquisition, title issues, and surface use.

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The energy business, the oil business, and the gas business are all money-making industries that provide consumers with much-needed resources. Unfortunately, there are a host of legal issues that arise in these industries on a regular basis. Whether your issue is above ground, below ground, overseas or stateside in the Gulf of Mexico, allow us to represent you.

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Our Past Victories Prove Our Effectiveness

  • We obtained a summary judgment when representing an international energy company. We defended claims to an offshore oil concession that were valued at $50 billion in this case.
  • We represented an electric power and natural gas transmission and distribution provider when they needed to enforce an easement allowance. We were successful in the trial and appellate proceedings for this case.
  • We represented a natural gas producer in an arbitration case which arose when a natural gas storage cavern failed. We even appealed this case.
  • We represented a drilling company in a lawsuit against their operator. The company claimed that the defendant was liable for a well blowout. The trial court judgment was obtained and affirmed on an appeal.

Representation for Complex Oil, Gas and Energy Cases

We understand that oil, gas and energy lawsuits can be complicated. Depending on where the case is taking place and what elements it concerns, various laws may govern the proceedings. We want to help. We can assist with easement issues, fracking lawsuits, EPA disputes, flow back water problems, lateral drilling cases, explosions and fire cases, shale lawsuits, lease disputes, royalty beneficiary disagreements and more.

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