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Not all the property you own is physical. If you are a business owner, you know that much of the value of your company may be intellectual property. It may sound odd to say that you need to “guard your mind” in business, but spilling secrets about intellectual property can completely ruin a company. Whether you have top secret recipes at your restaurant, an innovative method of service, or another unique aspect of your company, intellectual property is a precious commodity that needs to be protected.

When can a case be litigated?

If your intellectual property is unjustly stolen, you have the right to file a lawsuit. For example, if you create a business model and are about to implement it, only to you out that a good friend stole the plans off your computer and used the same business plan to start their own company, you may be able to litigate.

Intellectual property lawsuits can be complicated because the assets concerned are not tangible. This is why you need a professional team with more than 40 years of combined business law experience to take on your case and advocate for you in the court room.

History of Success in Intellectual Property Law

Should you choose to work with us, yours will not be the first intellectual property case we have handled. Our firm has achieved multiple victories in this area of law.

Some of our successes are listed below:

  • We represented a global equipment supplier when our client’s proprietary oilfield industrial-cyclone technology was used without permission by another company. We took this case to the Appeals court and were able to settle it during arbitration on favorable terms for our client.
  • We represented a staffing company in an insurance coverage dispute that concerned a trademark infringement. The insurer paid full policy limits before the hearing on our client’s summary-judgment motion.
  • Our team represented a physician in a dispute with a clinic that had to do with a non-compete agreement. Our client was able to end the dispute in terms that were favorable.

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