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Let Murr Law, PLLC come to your aid if another person has tried to assume a prescriptive easement of your land. We have all the experience and understanding of real estate litigation to challenge a prescriptive easement of your property.

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What is prescriptive easement?

Prescriptive easement is the process by which a person can legally acquire property such as a pathway or driveway that was not originally theirs. Anyone who uses part of another’s property may gradually become the legal possessor of that land.

There are five requirements for such an easement:

  • The use of the land must begin and continue without the consent of the owner
  • The use must not be secretive, but clear and positive
  • The use must not involve anyone else, including the owner
  • The use must be occur within the same definite space
  • Use must be continuous and uninterrupted, such as every weekend

By definition, prescriptive easement is against the landowner’s wishes or knowledge. It is possible to retain possession of your property and allow your neighbor to use part of it by granting them legal permission.

How can I defend my property?

Murr Law, PLLC can handle the legal side of any property dispute, thus protecting your property and bringing you peace of mind. If you suspect another person of trying to gain possession of part of your property, don’t wait to take legal action and protect yourself! Our Houston litigation attorney can provide you with the advice and representation needed to uphold your rights.

If you have questions about easement or need to fight for your land, call us today and schedule your free case evaluation!

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