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Hire a Houston Business Lawyer at Murr Law, P.L.L.C.

We offer unbelievable deals to businesses in the Houston area, including Harris Countyand Montgomery County. At most of the large firms in Houston, you will need to deposit tens of thousands of dollars in retainer fees to get legal representation.

Unfortunately, these big law firms are slammed with cases, and chances are you will only get a few hours of time from an overworked lawyer who is new on the job. We think that this sort of service is unacceptable. We believe that legal service should be a committed, dedicated and caring relationship between the client and attorney. We rival big law firm representation by providing customized and communicative service.

Always Connected – We’re Only a Phone Call Away

We want you to feel completely informed about your case. That is why we give clients our mobile phone numbers so they can call us virtually 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our lawyers are always on call to update you on your case and give you calculated information about how you should proceed.

From your first initial consultation to the final resolution, we promise to talk with you about your case in detail and to inform you about developments in the process. We know that this lawsuit may be a game-changer for your business and that it matters a lot to you. We’ll make sure you know that it matters to us too.

Reasonable Rates at a Fraction of the Big Firm Costs

Big firms can charge absurd amounts of money for their services. This is partially because they have massive overhead and sunken costs that are embedded in every case. They recoup these expenses from clients by affixing high price tags to every case they take.

What you get for the money you pay is only average. The big law firms are overwhelmed with cases and clients and oftentimes you can fade into the background as just another file in their offices. We don’t have massive overhead and we utilize innovative technologies to cut our expenses even further.

Because of our creative efforts, we have been able to arrange costs that are:

  • Flexible
  • Designed to include a variety of contingency fee arrangements
  • Tailored to a client’s needs
  • Reasonable

Alternative Fee Arrangements

Litigation carries cost and risk. While many of our engagements require us to charge an hourly fee, we have years of experience in collaborating with our clients to reach alternative fee arrangements under which we share some or all of that cost risk.

The common element of any workable alternative fee agreement is the sharing of risk and reward between the client and attorney. All or part of the attorney’s fee is determined by the result obtained, rather than merely by the number of hours dedicated to that uncertain result. It aligns the financial interest of the attorney and client by making the result for the client the ultimate factor in determining the attorney’s fee. It rewards the attorney who can accomplish the task more efficiently and effectively than one who can’t. It also allows the motivated attorney to spend time researching and investigating potential winning arguments, without burdening the client with the risk of excess fees for an exploration which may prove fruitless.

The most typical alternative fee agreement is the straight contingency fee, where we are paid a percentage of the recovery upon achieving a successful outcome for the client. We receive no fee for our efforts that fail (although in some cases our client agrees to pay court costs and other litigation expenses). If we are efficient and effective, we share in our client’s bounty. While our effectiveness hopefully provides us a larger fee than straight hourly billing would have generated, our client does not suffer the uncertainty of paying hourly invoices for services that may not result in the desired goal.

In appropriate cases, we also provide representation pursuant to hybrid hourly/contingency and fixed fee/contingency fee agreements. Under a hybrid hourly/contingency arrangement, we charge a lower hourly fee in exchange for an agreed-upon “bonus” (based either on a percentage or fixed amount) upon achieving the desired result. Under a hybrid fixed fee/contingency fee arrangement, we agree that all or parts of our work will be constrained by a fixed, budgeted amount, in exchange for a bonus for exceptional results. Under any alternative fee arrangement, the ultimate goals are to align the interests of the attorney and client, to reward the attorney for results rather than hours, and to provide the client some level of predictability of cost.

At our firm, you are getting outstanding service at an unbelievable rate. Our experience says it all. All of our lawyers are from Top 14 law schools and many of them have already worked in the big firms, so they understand how to tackle cases on this level.

Each of our attorneys has at least 20 years of exclusive experience, and together we have more than 45 years’ experience in complex legal matters. Contact us immediately to get outstanding and unrivaled representation from an accessible and affordable team!

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