Real Estate Litigation

Real Estate Litigation

Real estate is a booming industry, but it can be soaked in conflict. In some cases, real estate developers will find themselves frustrated by devious parties. If you are facing issues with environmental problems or legal descriptions such as fraud, conspiracy, breach of contract, misrepresentation, omissions in an environmental consultant report, or another land issue, Murr Law can help.

Real estate law is a complicated and hard-to-manage titan in the legal sphere. Thankfully, at Murr Law, attorney George Murr has more than 20 years of experience in complex business law matters.

Customized And Affordable Legal Service

Attorney Murr understands that if you are involved in a real estate project, you have a strict timeline and an unforgiving budget. Litigation can delay your projects and have the power to obliterate your funds. That is why his law firm offers affordable service.

He believes that he can provide a customized service that even the big firms in Texas cannot offer. This is because he takes time to understand every single client’s case on a deep level. He then tailors solutions and is constantly accessible so that clients can be involved in the process. He takes your case seriously because he understands that both your personal and professional lives can be changed by the outcome of this lawsuit.

Past Case Successes

At Murr Law, attorney Murr is not just dipping into real estate law. He is confident in his ability to work on real estate cases because he has achieved victories for clients in the past. While he cannot guarantee the outcome of your case, he can promise that he will provide aggressive and committed service focused on superior results.

Some past encounters with real estate litigation have included:

  • Assisted a church in obtaining the completion of a contractor’s work on a new building. The firm was able to facilitate this outcome without even taking the case to court.
  • Successfully tried an injunction suit for a public utility company and was able to obtain a mandatory injunction for the benefit of the client. The injunction required that the landowner restore the utility’s easement to its prior state for the client. The firm took this case to the court of appeals and experienced success again.
  • Obtained a dismissal of preemptive litigation that was filed by the national distressed assets purchaser that allowed a real-estate joint venture with the necessary tie to re-negotiate a deal with lenders.
  • Obtained summary judgments for two real estate appraisers in negligent appraisal cases when they learned about flood zone and floodplain designations regarding their properties.

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